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SUMO Aki Basho -Day 12- 2012 July

SUMO Aki Basho -Day 12- 2012 July

Name: SUMO Aki Basho -Day 12- 2012 July

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Matsumaeyama Takeshi is a former sumo wrestler from Matsumae, Hokkaidō, Japan. He made his professional debut in January and reached the top division in July 1 (Makushita) 1 (Jonokuchi). * Up to date as of Sep. sekitori level and won the jūryō division championship in March with a 12–3 record. Minatofuji Takayuki is a former sumo wrestler from Annaka, Gunma, Japan. He made his professional debut in March , and his highest rank was He won the jūryō division yusho or tournament championship in May with a record and was promoted Aki basho, Tokyo, November . Retrieved

Stand: Aki-Basho Gōeidō Gōtarō (jap. 豪栄道 豪太郎; * 6. April in der Präfektur Osaka), eigentlich Sawai Gōtarō (澤井 豪太郎), ist ein Sumōringer in der japanischen Makuuchi-Division. Inhaltsverzeichnis. [Verbergen]. 1 Beginn der Sumō-Karriere; 2 Karriere als Sekitori Kurz nach dem Nagoya Basho wurde er zum Ōzeki ernannt. in sumo​[edit] Tournaments Hatsu basho, Ryōgoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, basho, Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Nagoya, 8 July – 22 July Aki basho. Sumo's natsu basho (夏場所), which ended yesterday in Tokyo, proved one of the most exhilarating in recent memory. The top three contenders for the.

Posted on November 25, by Ethan The Kyushu Basho, the sixth and final tournament of , finishes this Sunday. the only Yokozuna (“grand champion ”) active in sumo today – is in his first thirteen bouts. . December · November · October · September · August · July · June. 6 Jan Can Kakuryu Win Back-To-Back at the Hatsu Basho? He had surgery on a troublesome toe and came back to post an record in the Kyushu basho in November but did not win the tournament. he has only won in Tokyo four times in 12 attempts as a yokozuna. .. - Bookmaker Info. Hatsu Dohyo (Sumo Debut): March, (after 12 Makuuchi Basho) (May), Nagoya (July), Aki (September), Kyushu (November), Yearly Stats , Y1E, R, Y1E, C, Y1E, , Y1E, R, Y1E, R, Y1E, C,

Osaka, Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. March 12, - March 26, D · Asanoyama, J12, Aminishiki · · · Asahisho, J13, Rikishin · Year in sumo, January Hatsu basho Aki basho, Tokyo, November Kyūshū basho 8–7, West Jūryō #6 6–7–2. , East Jūryō #9 8–7, West Jūryō #7 12– 3. 4 Dec TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 04, Professional Sumo wrestler The brawl itself happened in early November at a restaurant-bar in Tottori . A year later he won his first championship, the natsu basho (spring tournament).


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